Be one of our Campus Ambassadors

Want to learn more about a space that is going to be the next big thing? Interested in a career in emotional health?

Here is a unique program to help you do just this.


About the program

If you are someone who likes to talk to people, have the ability to influence others and to lead a team, come join our campus Ambassador program . If the conversations around mental health draw your attention, come join our network to spread the word.


What does a Campus Ambassador do? 


A Campus Ambassador will be a common link between their college campus and Soulup . Every campus will have only 1-2 carefully chosen campus influencers for a period of 3 months to a year.  

At Soulup we are working to build a community of peers to facilitate open and judgement free conversations for everyone. As a campus influencer you would:

  • Be responsible for outreach programs in your campus 

  • Be the SPOC of your campus within Soulup community

What does 'Outreach' mean?


Simply put, outreach is a set of activities that will help you get more users to the platform. This becomes your performance metric. While there is no set rule and we would like the campus ambassador to get creative on this, some examples could be as follows: 

  • Conduct small group sessions / discussions on the topic of mental health

  • Talk to people 1-1 and address questions about the platform, use, process etc 

  • Ensure the marketing material ( provided by SoulUp) is visible at the right places eg notice board etc 

  • Estimate the effectiveness of the initiatives, suggest improvements where applicable

What does the Campus Ambassador get?

  • Loads of good vibes

  • A letter of recommendation directly from the founders of Soulup. Further, If you manage to wow us, we could also make you an offer for a full time role.

  • Access to peer sessions and trainings

  • Chance to hone your marketing and peoples skills by getting involved in such activities at an HO level 

  • Mentorship from our team members at SoulUp who themselves are from premier institutes and have gone through the experience of carving a career in the early stages


Only those candidates can apply who:

1. Can devote a minimum of 8 hours a week – you are the boss, so you decide how you want to manage your campus to drive outreach programs 

2. Wants to make an impact in the society and has the relevant skills 

3. Is a student of the campus that you are applying to represent 


Selection process 


  • Interested folks  apply via email or by filling a form 

  • Shortlisted candidates are contacted for interviews – please expect 1-2 rounds of interviews 

  • Final announcement for campus influencer