The Cherish program is a set of group sessions designed to provide emotional care and guidance for expecting mothers.


5 sessions | One every 2 weeks


Dr. Nikhath Fathima

Program Fee

INR 3500 per participant

INR 3000 for registered SoulUp Listeners


Pregnancy is an exciting time for parents. And while most pregnancies proceed smoothly, even 'easy' ones are accompanied by some bit of anxiety and stress about the health of the mother and the child, the impending birth as well as life changes that result from having a baby.

Studies have shown that the right emotional care and guidance in the antenatal period lowers risk of postpartum depression. It also prepares the mother better for childbirth and childcare in the perinatal stage. 


The Cherish program provides access to emotional support from a qualified professional, a space to share concerns with other expectant mothers and guidance on stress reduction techniques.



Group sessions facilitated by an experienced counsellor.​

  • There are 5 sessions of 1.5 hour each - 1 hour of therapist facilitated session followed by 30 minutes on relaxation techniques and wellness practices.

  • The program allow you to connect with other expecting moms. The sessions take place in a group format. A small group of ~5 participants is formed and remains constant throughout the program

  • The Cherish experience is a judgement-free and completely confidential space

  • The sessions will educate expectant moms on identifying and dealing with specific stressors and emotional issues faced during pregnancy. These also provide an opportunity for emotional sharing and to engage in interpersonal learning.

  • Guidance on nutrition, yoga and antenatal exercises will be provided as part of the sessions

  • Discussion topics include :

  • Dealing with fears, uncertainty and family expectations

  • Emotional challenges related to body image

  • Parenting with partners

  • Coping with fatigue and anxiety

  • Self care

  • Preparing for the big day

  • Lactation

  • Mother-child bond building


Sessions Facilitator

Dr. Nikhath Fathima


​Dr. Nikhath Fathima is a mental health professional. She has a background in health care for the last 15+ years and a special interest in early childhood experiences and trauma,  and in their potential lifelong impacts on physical and mental health, including on autoimmune disease, cancer, ADHD, perinatal health, and a wide range of other conditions.

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