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anxiety | sleep

Hindi, English

Slots: Sat evening

25 yrs old.

Social media marketer. I've experienced severe anxiety and sleep disorder for last 4-5 years. Now I am at a better place than before and am dealing with it quite strongly but I still have a long way to go :)

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divorce | Introversion | self-love

English, Hindi, Konkani

Slots: Mon-Fri nights, Sat/Sun day

41 | Divorced, no kids

Corporate trainer. Saw closure of family business, immediately after getting married which pushed me out of comfort zone and was left to explore new territory, left with anxiety, paranoia, self doubt,
A dysfunctional family setup made me an introvert. 14 yrs of marriage put me in the caretakers role - taking full burden of the relationship, which affected my mental health. Learnt how to prioritize myself first because ONLY a happy you makes it easier to navigate. Spent 20 years of my life giving others the priority. Prioritizing yourself is not selfish, it is self-help.

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#family-oriented #sense of humor, #positivity #self-awareness #open-minded #feminism #queer-friendly



conflict| Introversion

English, Hindi, Marathi

Slots: Sun midday

32 | Single

Education consultant, UNICEF India. Am an introvert. Overly sensitive and proud of it.
Have struggled with a long term relationship and emerged wiser.
Learnt how looking for support, trying to find a hand to hold, and taking a step back, isn't weakness. It only makes you and me, more human.

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#academics/ambition, #positivity #self-awareness #feminism



narcissistic partner | single-parents | people pleaser | self-love

English, Sowrashtra, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada

Slots: Mon-Fri midday, weekends

26 | Married, have kids

Survivor of narcissistic abuse, a single mother, Full time working IT professional. From being a people-pleaser to being able to self love and doing all the things that bring me peace.

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#family-oriented #self-awareness #open-minded #queer-friendly



Self Harm | Addiction | Anger Issues

English, Hindi

Slots: Sat afternoon

24 | Single

Freelance visual artist. Dealt with suicidal tendencies and addictions and addictive behaviour patterns. Also anger management.
Completed a 1 yr course in a rehabilitation centre. Moved to Goa alone with my dogs.

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#family-oriented #self-awareness #open-minded #feminism #queer-friendly



depression | motivation | self-love


Slots: Fri midday

27 | Single

I face issues of overthinking and trying different ways to motivate myself to do what I love which I have done before. I feel I end up in wrong relationships and it's exhausting and disappointing. I have just started my journey of self love. I have faced depression too in the past, But I know I have the power to overcome it all.

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spirituality | overthinking

Hindi, English

Slots: Sat/Sun morning

37 | Dad to a 7 yr old.

Start-up consultant. On a spiritual journey. Have seen issues related to child health, twice failed entrepreneur. Learning to not overthink.

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English, Telugu

Slots: Mon-Fri night

29 | Married; have kids.

Product Manager. I'm the only child to my parents. They always wanted the best for me. So, they never let me choose anything in life. I had no individuality. My mom was over-protective of me so she never let me talk to anyone which resulted in a lack of friends. Due to some financial conditions in my family, I had to be away from my family for many years. I became an introvert. That's when I chose teaching as my profession. My career is an evidence of my journey from being an introvert to ambivert.

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#family-oriented #academics/ambition, #positivity #self-awareness #open-minded #queer-friendly



long-distance | balancing work & kids | people pleaser | self-love

Hindi, English

Slots: Tue night

33 | Mom to 1.

Orthodontist. Overcame being a compulsive people pleaser. Have been able to make a long-distance relationship work. Struggle with self-worth issues.

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Introversion | work stress

English, Hindi

Slots: Mon-Sat evening/night

39 | Single

Engineer-MBA, introvert, struggle with my impulsive decision making, trying to work out professional journey

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