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Deciding on Going Childfree

A closed group setting to explore and navigate one of the biggest decisions you may ever take.


3 sessions | One every Saturday

Starts 11th June, 2022


Veena Hari 

Program Fee

INR 1500 per participant

INR 1200 for registered SoulUp Peers


Group sessions facilitated by an experienced counsellor.​

  • There are 3 sessions of 1 hour each 

  • The program allows you to connect with others who are also exploring the possibility of going Childfree. The sessions take place in a group format. A small group of ~5 participants is formed and remains constant throughout the program

  • The group experience is a judgement-free and completely confidential space. It is an opportunity for emotional sharing and to engage in interpersonal learning.

  • Session-wise details:

Session 1: Individual Exploration

  • Exploring individual narratives of what it means to be child free

  • Disentangling your desire from that of other people and the larger society: What’s yours, and what’s theirs? 

  • Becoming conscious of your fears - fears around becoming a parent (e.g., fears of being a bad parent, feeling overwhelmed, losing your independence) as well as fears around choosing not to be a parent (e.g., fears of future regret, being alone in old age). 

  • Indentifying related past trauma if any (e.g., abuse as a child) 


Session 2: Relationships 

  • Sharing the challenges and experiences of romantic relationships through the lens of being child free 

  • Navigating familial relationships around the choice of being childfree


Session 3: Coping 

  • Pooling resources to create positive counternarratives of being child free

  • Processing thoughts and emotions that may be hard to share or understand (e.g., guilt over not wanting to have children)

  • Exploring strategies and steps after your decision has been made (e.g., having conversations with family and friends; finding medical professionals; finding adoption resources)

  • Getting social support

  • Drawing boundaries with those who aren’t supportive

Image by Everton Vila

Sessions Facilitator

Veena Hari

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Veena Hari is a Mental Health Practitioner with around 10 years of experience across the mental health and development sector. She is  the founder of Bhavati Foundation, a not for profit organization working on reproductive mental health in India and host of the Mothering podcast. She describes herself as a passionate feminist and is a mother to a three and a half year old.

A Group Series on Going Childfree