A 3-part group to help differently-abled participants manage difficult emotions around inaccessible spaces


3 sessions | One every Saturday

Starts 17th September, 2022


Shivangi Anil

Program Fee

INR 1500 per participant

INR 1200 for registered SoulUp Peers

Goals of the Group

Session 1:

  • Exploring different definitions of inaccessible spaces and how we navigate them (or not)

    •  How do we define inaccessible spaces  

    • Inaccessibility: is it more than space?

    • Creating a safe space for expression and sharing of experiences 

Session 2:

  • Discussing different ways of coping when faced with inaccessible spaces 

    • How are we coping currently?

    • Discussions around what we do currently when faced with difficult emotions? 


Session 3:

  • Managing difficult emotions around  inaccessibility: New ways of coping 

    • We will go through different ways of managing difficult emotions 

    • Activism and I

Who is the group for?

  • Adults (21-35) with locomotor and visual disabilities from across India 

  • If you are looking for a safe space to express your thoughts and emotions about the lack of access

  • If you find yourself thinking: I will never get any good opportunities because I can barely enter most spaces

  • If you are looking for new ways of managing difficult emotions around inaccessibility 

Format of the Group

  • 3 sessions | 75 minutes | 1 session every 2 weeks 

  • 6-8 participants who remain constant throughout the program 

  • A judgment free and confidential space meant for sharing and interpersonal learning

  • Led by a practicing therapist with lived experiences of disability

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Sessions Facilitator

Shivangi Anil

Shivangi Anil.jpeg

Shivangi is a psychologist in private practice, from Delhi, India, and the founder of Heretoheartherapy.

Shivangi helps young and middle-aged adults thrive mentally using evidence-based practices via video and telephonic sessions. She is an internationally certified solution-focused therapist. She follows an eclectic approach to therapy and tailors sessions according to the needs of individual clients. As a therapist, Shivangi believes that clients are the experts in their lives while therapists support them in discovering better versions of themselves.

She specialises in working with minority communities and is a disability and queer affirmative practitioner. Some other areas of concern include relationship concerns, work stress, burnout, and anxiety.

When not working with clients or reading about mental health, Shivangi dabbles with books, art, and travel.

Access(ability): A Group Series