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Overcoming Heartbreak

A unique group series to help expedite your healing process


6 sessions | One every Saturday

Starts August 20th, 2022


Dr Meghna

Program Fee

INR 3000 for the 6-session program 

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Goals: What can this group help you with?

This group can help you with:

  • Understanding your big feelings around your heartbreak

  • Breaking your dysfunctional thought patterns

  • Exploring the difficult questions you’ve been pondering

  • Creating a new narrative and new vision for your life

Who is this group for?

This group is for you if:


  • you have been out of a relationship for a while, but you’re still feeling heartbroken and incomplete⁣.

  • you’ve experienced yet another breakup and you’re tired of this pattern repeating itself.

Especially if you find yourself thinking: 

  • “Why can’t I stop thinking about them all the time? I’m never going to be able to move on!”

  • “How did they move on so quickly while I am still in the same place!”

  • “I thought I was over it but it's hitting me all over again”

  • “Will the pain ever stop?”

  • “Why wasn’t I enough?”

  • “How could I ignore all the red flags?”

  • “Wish I could check on them”

  • “Hope they realise one day all the pain they have caused me”

Group Format

Group sessions facilitated by an experienced clinical psychologist

  • There are 6 sessions of 1 hour each 

  • The program allows you to connect with others who are also trying to overcome a lingering heartbreak. The sessions take place in a group format. A small group of ~8 participants is formed and remains constant throughout the program

  • The group experience is a judgement-free and completely confidential space. It is an opportunity for emotional sharing and to engage in interpersonal learning.

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Session-wise details:

Session 1: What’s your heartbreak journey? How has it impacted you?

Individual Exploration

  • What’s your heartbreak journey?

  • Exploring personal impact of heartbreak (on self-confidence, sense of self, personal identity, and beliefs about relationships)

  • Exploring personal narratives and journeys around heartbreak

  • Reflecting on personal interpretations (about the self and the world) around heartbreak


Session 2: The Stages of Grieving a Breakup | How to Understand Your Feelings

Allow yourself to feel your feelings.But don’t become your feelings.


  • Exploring big feelings around heartbreak

  • Emotional check-in exercise

  • Addressing feelings and stages of grief

  • Understanding the red flags


Session 3: Rewiring your thoughts | Breaking negative patterns

Working with Thoughts

  • Identifying triggers

  • Exploring ‘Why me?’ 

  • Challenging our negative thoughts (about self, other, and love)

  • Identifying our dysfunctional patterns in romantic relationships


Session 4: Healing I | Building No Contact Regime and identifying support system

  • Identifying our support system

  • Building healthy communication patterns

  • Reflection exercise: Creating a safe space


Session 5: Healing II | Navigating forgiveness, risk and trust 

  • Identifying healthy & unhealthy behaviours

  • Exploring personal strengths 

  • Navigating forgiveness 

  • Finding the balance between risk and trust 


Session 6: Forging ahead

  • Creating new routines

  • Creating a new narrative and vision for our lives ahead

Sessions Facilitator

Dr Meghna

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Dr. Meghna is a clinical psychologist and relationship expert. She is a doctorate in clinical psychology from NIMHANS (India) and a postdoc from the University of Queensland (Australia).

In the last 15+ years, she has conducted 500+ workshops, delivered 200+ hours of talks, lectures & podcasts, 4000+ hours of psychotherapeutic sessions with 1000+ clients.

Overcoming HeartBreak