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Spirituality | Founder stress

English, Hindi, Bengali

Slots: Mon-Sun night

49 | Mom to one.

Spiritual seeker, had a life crisis to then realise the futility of the current education system. Currently building my own alternative education initiative.

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heartbreak | childfree

English, Hindi, Maithili

Slots: Sat morning

31 | Married, no kids.

Overcame a bad breakup and then got stable at job married, all on my own with very little or no resources.

Took a mutual decision of not having kids before I got married. My wife did not want kids and I fully supported her decision. Being a parent, or not, is a life decision that can’t be made to please anyone other than two stakeholders i.e. the couple in question.

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Anushree S

Anushree S

post partum | arranged marriage | PCOS

English, Hindi, Marathi

Slots: Weekends, Mon-Fri evening

31 | Mom to a 3 yr old.

Software Engineer. Struggled with an arranged marriage process. Had anxiety issues after marriage. Learnt a lot through experiences. Dealt with PCOS and related fertility implications. I had a miscarriage. Later suffered from postpartum depression. Now managing health and work life balance.

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#family-oriented, #academics/ambition, #small-town DNA, #positivity, #self-awareness, #open-minded, #feminism



Founder's Stress | Arranged Marriage

English, Hindi

Slots: Wed night | Female callers only

28 | Married, no kids.

IITB grad. Entrepreneur. Tried starting up twice with mixed success. It was difficult to let go of something which had become a part of my identity and get myself to start building again and be optimistic again.
Another key experience for me was going through arranged marriage process. Given the importance of the decision, I was the one who led it instead of parents. There were times it became draining and felt like I’m putting my life on hold in the search.

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#family-oriented #academics/ambition #sense of humor #self-awareness #open-minded #feminism #queer-friendly



childfree| Grief

English, Hindi, Telugu, Konkani

Slots: Tue/Thu midday

46 | Married, no kids.

HR profession for 15+ yrs. I have experienced the loss of 3 near ones in the last few years, including my mom and aunt who I was a caregiver for. These losses have made me see caregiving very closely and made me realise that a caregiver also needs care.

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Gaurav S

Gaurav S

infidelity | -suicidal thoughts | spirituality

English, Hindi

Slots: Fri-Sun evening

27 | Single

Self-employed, Investment Consulting Firm. I had a bad breakup last year due to adultery committed by my partner. I went through suicidal thoughts, took help from my spiritual master, did self-healing and meditation. And now I’m in a position to help others overcome.

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spirituality | overthinking

Hindi, English

Slots: Sat/Sun morning

37 | Dad to a 7 yr old.

Start-up consultant. On a spiritual journey. Have seen issues related to child health, twice failed entrepreneur. Learning to not overthink.

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