A 6-part series of group sessions aimed to help teenagers with social confidence, motivation, healthy habits as well as a sense of identity.


6 sessions | One every Saturday | Starts June 25th, 2022


Dr. Nikhath Fathima

Program Fee

INR 4800 per participant

INR 4000 for registered SoulUp Listeners


The Lighthouse series is like a fitness centre for social skills. Teens emerge from a positive group experience with new interpersonal tools and abilities. They resist negative peer pressure, develop healthier habits and stand-up for themselves. Group work also helps teens increase their capacity for self-expression, positive engagement and emotional assertiveness. As their social insecurities begin to dissolve, they feel comfortable talking to peers or adults. 

Who will benefit most from this group? Kids who are going through the following - 

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Group sessions facilitated by an experienced counsellor.​

  • There are 6 sessions of 1hr + 15min each

  • The program allow you to connect with other teens. The age bracket for this group is 13-18 yr olds. The sessions take place in a group format. A small group of ~5-7 participants is formed and remains constant throughout the program

  • The group provides a judgement-free and completely confidential space

  • The following topics are covered across sessions

  • Nervousness, anxiety, and worry

  • Careers and goals

  • Motivation and engagement at school and at home

  • Healthier screen time habits and usage

  • Organization, prioritization, and concentration

  • Developing trust, self worth and confidence

Sessions Facilitator

Dr. Nikhath Fathima


​Dr. Nikhath Fathima is a mental health professional. She has a background in health care for the last 15+ years and a special interest in early childhood experiences and trauma,  and in their potential lifelong impacts on physical and mental health, including on autoimmune disease, cancer, ADHD, perinatal health, and a wide range of other conditions.

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Lighthouse for Teens