Positive Parenting Group

This weekly group is for any parent of a child experiencing behavioural issues. 


Every Wednesday, 8:30 p.m.

Independent session per week


Shreya Agarwal & Komal Kaira 

from Unheard Sagas


INR 400 /session.

Book one session at a time.


Group sessions facilitated by 2 experienced psychologists, Shreya and Komal

  • You can join 1 or more of our weekly sessions of 1hr + 15min each

  • The sessions take place in a small group. People join by registering for each session separately.

  • The group provides a judgement-free and completely confidential space

  • Each session covers:

  • 15 mins of emotional check-in

  • 60 mins of discussion


Positive parenting

Our parenting groups work on the principle that all children are always trying to do and be their best. However, we understand that sometimes the biggest challenge for parents can be to teach their children helpful values in a nurturing manner. 


By using principles of positive parenting we guide parents to adopt a healthier and more positive way to guide and discipline their children while continually helping them foster independence and resilience. 


Our group prides itself in helping parents recognise their child’s potential while building a loving, caring and respectful relationship with them. 


Session Facilitators

Shreya Agarwal, MPhil, DU-TISS

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Shreya uses an integrative approach which is trauma informed deriving from narrative, cognitive-behavioural and analytical schools of psychology with emphasis on mind-body connection. 


As a student and practitioner of psychology Shreya aims is to empower the individual and reduce social exclusion from society. She believes therapy and counselling work is not about looking at different kinds of people, rather it is about looking at each individual differently in their contextual circumstances. 

Komal Kaira, MPhil, DU - TISS

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Komal uses a trauma informed lens which informs her integrative work influenced by Trauma theory, ACT, MBCT, humanistic approaches and narrative practices.


She believes that her clients are doing the best they can with the resources available to them. Hence, for Komal therapy is a collaborative space where she uses the strengths and abilities of her clients to help them through their mental health difficulties and aid psychological growth by increasing their resources.

Positive Parenting Group
Every Wednesday - 8:30 p.m.