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4-Week Journaling Group

4-Week Journaling Group

A unique group activity led by a psychologist for those who are looking to explore journaling but not sure where to start.

Starts 5th April, 2023

4 sessions | Conducted every Wednesday 8:30 PM

Small group, 6-8 people

75-minute online video conversations

Led by Veena Hari

Program Fee - INR 2500 for India-based participants | INR 3500 for participants outside India

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About the Group

Journaling is a creative and therapeutic practice which can support us in externalising and making sense of our experiences, reflecting on the past and setting intentions for the future. It allows us to slow down, get some space from our thoughts and perhaps view them in a different light.

This 4 session workshop is for anyone who is looking to start journaling but not sure where to start • adults or adolescents.

By the end of the 4 sessions

• You'll understand types of journaling and common mistakes/barriers to journaling
• You'll have tried different methods to explore your personal fit
• You'd be on a path to make journaling a ritual and continue your practice
• You'd know how to use journaling to navigate your thought process and understand yourself better.

Glimpse of the regime

Session 1: Why I can’t Journal

You'll learn:
• Types of Journaling
• Philosophy of Journaling: How Keeping a Diary can save you
• Common mistakes and Barriers to Journaling
• Maintaining Consistency: To-do to Tool
• Motivation: Famous Examples of Journal Keepers

Reflection Theme:
• Finding your personal why
• Identifying your own barriers
• In session Journaling exercise: Letter to Self

Session 2: A crash course on Bullet Journaling

You'll learn:
• Introduction to Bullet Journaling
• Intentional Living
• Main Concepts: Future Log, Monthly/ Weekly Spreads and Habit Planners
• Collection pages to deeper self exploration

Reflection Theme:
• Which of these tools fit into my life?
• In session Journaling Exercise: Setting up one planning and one collection spread

Session 3: Mindful Journaling

You'll learn:
• How to make journaling mindful
• Inner Child: connection and play
• Sensory aspects of Journaling
• Importance of a journaling ritual and creating a practice
• How to practice non-judgement

Reflection Theme:
• Create your own journaling ritual
• In session Journaling exercise: Inner Child Journaling

Session 4: Journal Therapy

You'll learn:
• Introduction to theory of Expressive writing (Pennebaker)
• Basics of Journal Therapy: 8 suggestions for New Journal Writers
• Beginners tools and techniques to use in your practice

Reflection Theme:
• Which skills do I need to work on to develop this practice?
• In session journaling Activity: Processing a bad event: Tools

  • Honestly, this session was great and after sharing it with our friends lots of people want to explore something similar.


    On a mindfulness journey

  • I loved the journaling workshop. It was useful on so many different levels. Everyone was able to openly share their thoughts and feelings while being gently guided by Veena. It was a powerful series of sessions.


    Digital nomad

  • Thank you so much for offering this meaningful opportunity!


    Long story

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Meet your Facilitator

Veena Hari

Veena Hari is a Mental Health Practitioner with around 10 years of experience across the mental health and development sector. She is the founder of Bhavati Foundation, a not for profit organization working on reproductive mental health in India and host of the Mothering podcast. She describes herself as a passionate feminist and is a mother to a three and a half year old.


What are SoulUp Groups?

At SoulUp, you'll meet people who get what you're going through and might be living some of the same realities. People looking for extraordinary conversations, just like you.

✔️ Small group, 6-8 people

✔️ Every meeting led by a world-class facilitator

✔️ Weekly 75-minute online video sessions

What happens in a group session?

While the format can vary as per topic, here’s a flow that most sessions follow

Check In. Participants check-in with each others' feelings and answer the prompt given by the facilitator if any.

Conversation. Your facilitator will guide the group in a free-flowing conversation—with the goal of sharing openly, talking honestly, and deep emotional connection.

Check Out. Participants share what they're taking away from the session.

What am I going to get out of this?

Participants say that they feel heard, understood, more in control, and a feeling that you’ve got people rooting for you. By talking about your emotions and what's going on in your life, you'll realise that you're not alone and get ideas for how to improve your situation.

How long has SoulUp been around?

SoulUp was founded in Feb 2022 by Punita Mittal and Mahak Maheshwari - a team of IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay with more than 20 years of combined healthcare experience. SoulUp is redefining mental health through groups that are effective, but also fun, social, and challenging.

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