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Accountability Group for Loneliness

Accountability Group for Loneliness

Connect with a supportive community and use loneliness as a chance to grow! With this Accountability Group you can take part in 30 days of activities designed to help you shift your mindset and create a positive path forward. 

Starts 1st June

Daily group check-ins

Confidential | Safe | Small Group

Rituals for personal growth | Daily practice

Online | FREE for the introductory month of June

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Who is it for?

Anyone who feels that there is a difference between their actual level of social connection and the level of connection they desire may feel lonely. Feelings of loneliness are subjective and can only truly be defined by the person feeling them. Often when someone is lonely they feel misunderstood, left out, unwanted, unseen or empty. Or a mix of these.

This group is for anyone who is done with feeling lonely and wants to change the narrative of how they think about their life.

How it works

Getting started

- Sign Up through the form here.
- You are added to a peer group. Group participants include other members looking to overcome loneliness and a SoulUp moderator.

Selecting rituals

One way to jumpstart and get out of this rut of feeling empty or lonely is to start making small changes. While different things work for different people and loneliness can be very complex, 2 themes have emerged consistently across literature as ways that can make us feel more connected and positive.

We will be adding these 2 as daily rituals that we practice and use the group to support us and keep us accountable. Here are the 2 rituals we will work on:

Ritual #1 - Working on a 30 day project for someone/yourself
Ritual #2 - Practicing gratitude. Creating a gratitude list daily of 2 things that you are grateful for on that specific day.

Declaring your ritual

Once you join, a list of possible ideas and plans will be sent to you for ritual #1. You need to pick one (or come up with your own!) for Ritual #1 and declare it on the group.

Track your progress

- On any day you can choose to practice either or both of the rituals and share it on the group
- We will be sharing ideas on how to track and share on the group. The larger goal is to keep it interesting so that you remain committed to maintaining a 30 day streak.

How will the group keep you on track?

1. Daily Check In
- Every day between 8 - 10 PM IST, check-in with your group members by posting a an update on WhatsApp group.
- Mention the number of days since the challenge and how you are feeling Example: 12 Days | Feeling hopeful
Add an image/text on the progress made on Ritual #1 (examples and ideas will be shared on how to share progress)
- Add an image of or text us your gratitude list. (examples and ideas will be shared on how to share progress)

2. Other Posts - Use the group for other updates and support. Share your personal struggles/challenges with loneliness, your low points and how you navigated them.

3. Weekly Check-In
- Connect through a Zoom link - you can join anonymously (with a pseudonym) and stay on or off video as per your comfort.
- We might go through an exercise, offer each other support, discuss a particular subject, or have an open discussion. At the end, we all state our goals for the next week.

Why join this group?

To put it in straight simple terms - Loneliness is bad for you. We are social creatures, and a sustained lack of satisfying relationships carries heavy costs for our mental and physical health.

Using loneliness as a springboard for something better - If you have been experiencing chronic loneliness, it's a good idea to pause and reflect on what may be the cause of this loneliness and if there is a way to transform this difficult emotion into an opportunity for growth.

Why Ritual #1 (Working on a 30 day project for someone/yourself) - The act of working towards something and seeing tangible progress, makes us feel better about ourselves. If we are working on something for someone else, it will also make us feel more connected to them.

Why Ritual #2 (Practicing gratitude) - It may feel difficult to notice positive things in your life when you feel lonely, However, Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, make a gratitude list for all the things that you do possess.