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ADHD Diagnosis with Ayush Chandra

ADHD Diagnosis with Ayush Chandra

English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Haryanvi

About Ayush: 

Psy. Ayush Chandra is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist (Gold Medalist), at Aarunya Mental Health Centre, West Delhi. 

He has completed his RCI Licensing in Clinical Psychology and His Masters in Psychology is from TISS Mumbai., after completing his bachelor in Psychology from Delhi University. He has attained his experience at various esteemed institutions of mental health in India such as NIMHANS-Bangalore, IBHAS-Delhi. ​

Process followed for ADHD Diagnosis | Duration: 90 min

  1. Clinical Interview and history with Client + Family( if needed)
  2. Evidence based assessment verbal tests + Online performance test (if needed) for assessing brain functioning 
  3. All assessments will be conducted within the session (expect if client is not able to provide adequate or reliable details, then another session could be required)
  4. Detailed report will take upto 7 days
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