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Beat Procrastination

Beat Procrastination

Gain control of procrastination and reach your everyday targets by committing to our 30 day accountability group.

Starts 1st June

Daily sessions on Zoom for focused work

Small cohort of 7-15 participants | Safe | confidential

Daily tracking | Progress measurement

Online | FREE

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Who is it for?

It is for anybody caught in a procrastination rut. This accountability group is for anyone who feels they are not being productive and also have anxiety around completing tasks leading them to procrastinate

This group is for people who find it tough to meet deadlines and finish tasks as planned. Some might have the same task to do daily (meditation, journaling, read a chapter of a book etc), some might have different tasks each day (different office tasks, cleaning a drawer etc.)

How it works

Getting started

Fill up our intake form to understand fitment & get added to our 'accountability community' - others like you are also trying to beat procrastination.

Create your 'mental dump'

Start each day by writing down ALL the major/minor things on your mind as tasks to be done that day.

Select your goals

Select the top 2-3 things you would like to accomplish from your 'mental dump'. This could be the same thing everyday or new goals each day.

Join our focus sessions

Participate in any of our daily Zoom focus sessions to work on your tasks with focus. All participants commit to work on their task while on video - without distraction, without procrastination.

How will the group keep you on track?

The community helps with social accountability.

1. Daily Check In and check-outs
- Start of each day, each participant declares what they are trying to accomplish that day (check-in) and then what they were able to ACTUALLY accomplish that day (check-out).
- Mention the number of days since the challenge and how you are feeling about your task that day. Example: 12 Days | Today’s tasks are a drag.

2. Zoom sessions for focused work
- Participants are invited to join all or any of our daily 1 hour long focused work sessions. Start of the session, everyone declares what they want to accomplish in the next 1 hour - set the timer and then begin working on their task with peace and focus.
- Tasks may or may not be on their laptop. You need to keep the video on - and clean your room if that is something you have been procrastinating but need to accomplish that day!

We understand that procrastination is not a day one process & neither is it a 0-1 result. If you are able to do even 50% of the tasks you aimed for the day without procrastinating, it is progress. Each day we need to aspire to do more - that's all!

Why join this group?

Replacing a stubborn old habit or add a new one can be very hard.

Working together in a group where everyone has the same goal - makes it so much more fun and easier! Seeing others progress and holding them accountable will motivate you and make you more accountable in turn. Thus making it easier to stick to your goals - till it becomes a natural habit :)