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Bullet Journaling 101

Bullet Journaling 101

A place to understand how to start and maintain your own bullet journal. Includes key concepts and practical tips.

4th October 2023 | Wednesday | 8 PM IST

Theme driven | Tangible takeaways | Worksheet provided

Confidential | Small group, 6-15 people

75-minute video session on Zoom

Led by an expert therapist

Session Fee - INR 599 for India-based participants | INR 1199 for participants outside India

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Key themes covered

Topic 1: What is bullet journaling & getting started

- Introduction & explanation via examples of bullet journals.
- Choosing the right notebook.
- Selecting pens and markers.
- Setting up the basics: Index, Future Log, and Key.
- Demonstration: Setting up a basic bullet journal page.

Topic 2: The bullet journaling system

- Learn the concept of rapid logging.
- Learn symbols and notation (e.g., bullets, tasks, events, notes).
- Types of collections: Daily Logs, Monthly Logs, and Future Logs.

Topic 3: Customization & creativity

- Understanding the flexibility of bullet journaling.
- Learn via examples: creative spreads, trackers, and collections.
- Discuss ways to personalise and decorate bullet journals.

Topic 4: Time management & goal setting

- Using the bullet journal for time management.
- Goal-setting techniques (e.g., monthly goals, habit trackers).

Who is the session for?

This session is for anyone who wants to learn, implement and maintain their bullet journal.
Whether you're looking for a flexible planning system, a creative outlet, or a way to stay organised, this workshop has you covered.


What are Pop-up Sessions?

SoulUp's Pop-ups are self-contained, single session group discussions led by world-class facilitators.

✔️ Follow a specific agenda with tangible take-aways

✔️ Done in groups of 6-15 people

✔️ Each popup is a 75-minute video session

What happens in a Pop-Up session?

While the format can vary as per topic, here’s a flow that most sessions follow

Check In. Participants check-in with each others' feelings and answer the prompt given by the facilitator if any.

Core discussion: Your facilitator will follow a set agenda. For each discussion point, some context is set and then a free-flowing conversation with the group follows.

Each discussion is supplemented with case studies, activities and exercises as relevant.

Check Out. Participants share what they're taking away from the session.

What am I going to get out of this?

Pop-ups are engaging discussion sessions which provide a good mix of expert guidance and peer perspective.

They are also safe spaces to express and feel heard and understood.

Each pop-up is designed to provide actionable insights and takeaways while making participants feel the power of group work and community.

How long has SoulUp been around?

SoulUp was founded in Feb 2022 by Punita Mittal and Mahak Maheshwari - a team of IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay with more than 20 years of combined healthcare experience. SoulUp is redefining mental health through groups that are effective, but also fun, social, and challenging.

Learn to bullet journal!