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Disability, Pleasure, and Relationships

Disability, Pleasure, and Relationships

Navigating ideas of intimacy, sex and relationships as disabled individuals.

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Starts 9th July, 2023

4 Zoom sessions | Every Saturday 12 PM

Confidential | Small group, 6-8 people

75-minute online video Zoom conversations

Led by Gauri Gupta

Program Fee - INR 2500 for India-based participants | INR 3500 for participants outside India

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Goals of the group

The goal of the group is to help navigate the idea of intimacy and pleasure at an intersection of disability. By providing a safe space, participants will be encouraged to open up about their relationship with disability and their idea of pleasure and intimacy. The goal is to establish the idea of intimacy outside of the common able-bodied narratives.

Glimpse of the regime

Session 1: Introduction: Disability, Pleasure and relationships

● What is Disability, Understanding the idea of crip time and spoon theory and its impact on relationships.
● Identifying Common concerns about intimacy in disabled folks

Session 2: Inclusive sex-ed

● Understanding the impact of social stigmas, and stereotypes to help identify patterns of internalized ableism having an impact on one’s intimate relationships
● What can you do? - Understanding the emotional component of disability concerning intimacy and the steps you can take.

Session 3: SHRR

● Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights – An insight into the present conditions in India for Disabled Women
● Medical Ableism and sharing of experiences w.r.t access to safe sex
● Rising rate of Abuse for People with Disabilities

Session 4: Exploring the idea of ‘accessible intimacy’

● Solutions to how disabled folks can navigate their intimate relationships and sex in ways that are accessible to them.
● ‘Accessible Intimacy’- Focusing on Pleasure concerning factors like Limited sensation, pain, mobility, etc.
● Various available contraception options along with accessible positions will be discussed
● Participants will be sharing the ideal accessible intimate experiences that they have or desire to have
● Group check-in

  • It was such a wholesome experience. Loved the peers and the discussion.


    Lives with cerebral palsy

  • Thank you SoulUp for creating this space. Seeing a place with so many people who understand what I'm experiencing really made me feel less alone.



  • I'd give it a 10 [out of 10]. I'm surprised at how vulnerable and open everyone was in the first session.


    Has AMC

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Meet your Facilitator

Therapist- Gauri Gupta

Gauri Gupta is a Post Graduate Law Student at University of Delhi and Digital Creator on Instagram.

She lives with Spina Bifida and is a wheelchair user. She also works as a Writer, Editor & Community Facilitator for Disability Awareness and Allyship at various intersections such as Mental health, Education , Disability Affirmative Pleasure, Employment, Gender, etc.

She has worked with multiple Corporates such as Marching Sheeps HR, SourceAbled etc., NPOs, NGOs Like Pratisandhi and Educational Institutions including Azim Premji University, Christ University, Delhi School of Social Work, etc as a facilitator.

She has also been a para-athlete at National Level and is currently a Law Student at the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. As a facilitator, she has worked with 3000+ individuals over the last 2 years.


What are SoulUp Groups?

At SoulUp, you'll meet people who get what you're going through and might be living some of the same realities. People looking for extraordinary conversations, just like you.

✔️ Small group, 6-8 people

✔️ Every meeting led by a world-class facilitator

✔️ Weekly 75-minute online video sessions

What happens in a group session?

While the format can vary as per topic, here’s a flow that most sessions follow

Check In. Participants check-in with each others' feelings and answer the prompt given by the facilitator if any.

Conversation. Your facilitator will guide the group in a free-flowing conversation—with the goal of sharing openly, talking honestly, and deep emotional connection.

Check Out. Participants share what they're taking away from the session.

What am I going to get out of this?

Participants say that they feel heard, understood, more in control, and a feeling that you’ve got people rooting for you. By talking about your emotions and what's going on in your life, you'll realise that you're not alone and get ideas for how to improve your situation.

How long has SoulUp been around?

SoulUp was founded in Feb 2022 by Punita Mittal and Mahak Maheshwari - a team of IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay with more than 20 years of combined healthcare experience. SoulUp is redefining mental health through groups that are effective, but also fun, social, and challenging.

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