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Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Family Therapy allows you to work with a therapy together as a family and create positive changes that benefit the entire family.

It is a multi-session collaborative approach that addresses interpersonal dynamics within a family unit.

Families can benefit from it in multiple scenarios to emerge stronger from adverse situations & foster healthier relationships.

Done as a family OR couple

Introductory session of 90 mins | Follow-up sessions of 60 mins

Done over video

Led by a psychologist

Program Fee: INR 10,000 for an Introductory Session + Follow up session | INR 5000 for every follow-up session

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When is Family Therapy useful?

1: Conflict Resolution

Address and resolve conflicts between family members, helping them understand each other's perspectives and work towards mutual understanding.

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2: Crisis Management

Offer support during and after crises, such as traumatic events or emergencies, helping the family cope and rebuild resilience.

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3: Mental Health Support

Provide support and coping strategies for families dealing with a member's mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, or addiction.

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4: Grief & Loss

Assist families in coping with grief and loss, fostering a supportive environment to navigate the emotional challenges associated with death or major life changes.

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5: Family Transitions

Navigate major life changes, such as divorce, remarriage, or the blending of families, helping family members adjust to new dynamics and roles.

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6: Behavioural Issues

Address disruptive or challenging behaviours in children or adolescents, collaborating with the family to implement effective behaviour management strategies.

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7: Cultural & Diversity Issues

Navigate cultural differences within the family, promoting understanding and appreciation for diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

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How does this work?

  • An introductory session of ~ 90mins. Follow up sessions are of 60mins each.
  • Introductory sessions include boundary setting and detailed history taking & education of clients.
  • Duration for couples and family session will be the same 
  • 48 hour prior cancellation or reschedule.

Meet your Therapists

Once you sign up, one of our empaneled therapists will be assigned as your family therapist.

Dr. Tanya Anand

Dr. Tanya Anand, an MPhil and PhD-qualified Clinical Psychologist based in India, is a distinguished professional with a strong background in mental health and clinical services. She is an alumna of NIMHANS, India's premier institute for mental health training and research, and a certified queer-affirmative practitioner.

9+ years of work experience as a mental health professional.

Family and couple therapy is one of her key clinical interests.

MPhil and PhD in Clinical Psychology (NIMHANS)

Overcome hurdles and foster well-being as a family.