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English and Hindi

27 | Founder & CEO | Single

I've been a hard worker and always out of luck since start of my academic, professional journey. It's really hard to know you're not being appreciated enough and to still keep moving. It felt helpless knowing your capabilities wouldn't get you much in life. I then happened to go to Vipassana and gathered a lot of strength to bear truth and not be anxious all the time. Eventually figured I haven't been appreciative of myself and my strengths. I've been a spiritual seeker ever since and it has changed me tremendously. Mine is a story of perseverance, empathy and balance. I work on improving myself one day at a time and I've never been happier and free like now!

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    SoulUp Conversations allow you to recognize that there are others who have had the same challenges as you. Talking about common emotions is a great source of hope and strength.

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