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Introduction to Art Journaling by Molabocha

Introduction to Art Journaling by Molabocha

Not all that we feel can be put into words so we lean on to intuitive art to give shape to the big and small feelings.

Starts 28th Oct, 2023

4 Zoom sessions | Every Saturday 12 PM IST

Confidential | Small group, max of 10 people

90-minute online video Zoom conversations

Led by Harshit Manocha

Fee - INR 2500 for India-based participants | INR 2000 if you buy for two | INR 4000 for participants outside India

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Goals of the group

The goal of the group is to reclaim art as a language of expression for your feelings. As kids, all of us used art to show love, to release anger, to express grief, gratitude and everything in between. Somewhere growing up we loose touch with this beautiful tool. The sessions are designed to get in touch with your artiste and allow it to be the narrator of your feelings. Basically a feel good art/heart experience.

Who is it for?

This group is for anyone and everyone who wants to be in touch with their feelings but want to be it a little more colorful & experimental with it.

This group is especailly more suited to folks who like to explore new ways of expression, who like hearing multiple perspectives and stories. And if you love metaphors, then you're in for a real treat.

Glimpse of the regime

Session 1: I am not an Artist

• Breaking ice with our body, the group & the idea of art.
• Letting go off the idea - "I can't make art" or "I am not an artist."
• Exploratory drills to get a taste of art journaling.

Session 2: From dots to doodles

• Small format drills to explore different emotions.
• Using dots, lines, shapes & colors to experiment with expression.
• Processing a small prompt using styles from the drills.

Session 3: Tapping into your Feeling via Metaphors

• Exploring verbal & visual metaphors for expression.
• Processing an in-depth prompt to experience the magic of art journalling.
• Experiencing guided meditation.

Session 4: Matching Intent & Inspiration | Habit Building

• Going from 1 prompt to making art journaling as a tool for self care.
• Seeking inspiration & designing your prompts.
• Art/Heart Graduation ceremony

  • Vibes Don't Lie and Mola is a Vibe. Journaling with Mola is like drawing your life on a piece of paper with the help of colours.



  • The very first word that came to my mind after the first 2 days was “soulful” and it hadn’t changed till the very last day.



  • I've had trouble connecting with myself and expressing myself for a long time. This course helped me open up, gave me a space to talk freely and left me with a medium of expression I hadn't considered before.



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Meet your Facilitator

Harshit Manocha

Harshit is an artist, independent facilitator, and experience host. He believes art is a process and not a product. He is fondly known as Molabocha & via his 'art/hear experience' he's got thousands of individuals across age groups, organisations, and brands to be in touch with their feelings. Over the years he's gathered first hand experiences with drama, movement, play and art based facilitation which he integrates in his sessions. He loves using metaphors as a medium of expression. He's an advocate for wellbeing, inclusion & body positivity and uses his work to amplify the same.


What are SoulUp Groups?

At SoulUp, you'll meet people who get what you're going through and might be living some of the same realities. People looking for extraordinary conversations, just like you.

✔️ Small group, 6-8 people

✔️ Every meeting led by a world-class facilitator

✔️ Weekly 75-minute online video sessions

What happens in a group session?

While the format can vary as per topic, here’s a flow that most sessions follow

Check In. Participants check-in with each others' feelings and answer the prompt given by the facilitator if any.

Conversation. Your facilitator will guide the group in a free-flowing conversation—with the goal of sharing openly, talking honestly, and deep emotional connection.

Check Out. Participants share what they're taking away from the session.

What am I going to get out of this?

Participants say that they feel heard, understood, more in control, and a feeling that you’ve got people rooting for you. By talking about your emotions and what's going on in your life, you'll realise that you're not alone and get ideas for how to improve your situation.

How long has SoulUp been around?

SoulUp was founded in Feb 2022 by Punita Mittal and Mahak Maheshwari - a team of IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay with more than 20 years of combined healthcare experience. SoulUp is redefining mental health through groups that are effective, but also fun, social, and challenging.

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