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Pact: Get Healthy Together!

Pact: Get Healthy Together!

Connect with a supportive community and build a ritual or break a habit for health and fitness! With this Accountability Group you can take part in 30 days of activities designed to help you shift your mindset and create a positive path forward. 

Starts July

Daily group check-ins

Confidential | Safe | Small Group

Rituals for personal growth | Daily practice

Online | FREE for the introductory month of July

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Who is it for?

If you are trying to build a good habit like a regular workout or break a bad one like controlling your sugar intake and are willing to embark on a 30 day challenge to get started on the same, this is the space for you. Find accountability group for health, fitness and healthy habit building.

How it works

Getting started

- Sign Up through the form here.
- You are added to a peer group. Group participants include other members looking to build healthy habits and a SoulUp moderator.

Selecting rituals

Select one healthy change that you'll make and follow through for 30 days.

Declaring your ritual

Select a habit/ritual and declare it on the group to start feeling accountable.

Track your progress

- We will be sharing ideas on how to track and share on the group. The larger goal is to keep it interesting so that you remain committed to maintaining a 30 day streak.

How will the group keep you on track?

1. Daily Check In
- Every day between 8 - 10 PM IST, check-in with your group members by posting a an update on WhatsApp group.
- Mention the number of days since the challenge and how you are feeling Example: 12 Days | Feeling hopeful
Add an image/text on the progress made on Ritual (examples and ideas will be shared on how to share progress)

2. Other Posts - Use the group for other updates and support. Share your personal struggles/challenges, your low points and how you navigated them.

3. Weekly Check-In
- Connect through a Zoom link - you can join anonymously (with a pseudonym) and stay on or off video as per your comfort.
- We might go through an exercise, offer each other support, discuss a particular subject, or have an open discussion. At the end, we all state our goals for the next week.