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Sradha Madan Ray

Sradha Madan Ray

Hindi, English, and Oriya

Ms. Sradha M. Ray is the Co-Founder of Psychology Delhi and is a Gold Medallist & State Topper of Odisha.
She has completed her RCI Licensing in Clinical Psychology from AIBHAS, Uttar Pradesh. She has received her training from recognised colleges as Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai and Utkal University, Odisha

Her professional role includes Assessing, Diagnosing, Certifying Disability, providing Clinical Management & Psychotherapy along with Rehabilitation for a wide range of mental health conditions. She has experience in working with the LGBTQ+ community and is trauma-informed in her clinical approach.

Areas of expertise: Relationship difficulties, Anxiety disorders, Sexual wellness
Therapy approach: CBT, DBT, Relational Therapy

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