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Emotional support for patients

Emotional support for patients

We host events that are mindfully curated and highly relevant for people living with chronic physical health issues. These events are aimed at improving the quality of life and mental well-being of patients and their caregivers alike.

New topics every month | Online on zoom

All events are FREE

Everyone is invited to join a Habit group. It is FREE. The only condition is your commitment to keeping at it!

Online on Zoom | 60 mins each

The group starts working on a Habit together on Jan 1st and ends on Jan 30th - giving you the best start you can get on doing this.

Led by experts

Join a group of others who are also starting on the same Habit. Keep each other accountable and motivated to keep going!

Limited seats available

We've made it super easy! Select a Habit and we add you to a WhatsApp group of others on the same journey as you.

Everything is Confidential

All details discussed during SoulUp conversations are held private & bound by a mutual confidetiality clause.

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Upcoming Events

Led by Experts | Especially Curated Topics | Small Participant Group | Online

Love and Chronic Illness: Building Strong Foundations

Building strong foundations in relationships when facing chronic illness, as we delve into the nuances of love, communication, and mutual support to create enduring connections in this webinar.

Time: 8 - 9pm IST

Therapist-Led | Online | 60 mins

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Learning how to talk to children about health challenges

Unlock the keys to talking to children about health challenges in this webinar, equipped with expert guidance and practical tips to facilitate open and age-appropriate conversations, fostering understanding and support.

Therapist-Led | Online | 60 mins

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Medical Gaslighting: Recognizing, Responding and Advocating for yourself

Empower yourself against medical gaslighting in this webinar, where you'll learn to recognize, respond to, and advocate for your health needs, ensuring your voice is heard and respected in medical interactions.

Therapist-Led | Online | 60 mins

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Fostering Family Resilience: Supporting Loved Ones with Chronic Conditions

Enhance family resilience in the face of chronic conditions through this webinar, offering practical insights and tools to support loved ones, fostering a resilient family unit capable of navigating health challenges together.

Therapist-Led | Online | 60 mins

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SoulUp's Support Groups for Health Issues

Online | Small cohorts | Therapist-led | 4-6 sessions each

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1-on-1 Peer Calls on Medical Issues

Based on shared challenges | 1-on-1 | Video Calls | 45 mins

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