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Vision Boarding 2024!

Vision Boarding 2024!

Slow down and create your vision for 2024!

2 spots left!

This space helps you connect with yourself- your needs, actions, goals and desires to create the perfect vision board for the coming year. 

Starts 20th Jan

4 Zoom sessions

Confidential | Small group, 8-10 people

75-minute online video Zoom conversations

Led by a therapist - Shatarupa C

Program Fee - INR 3500 (incl. GST) for India-based participants | INR 5500 (incl. GST) for participants outside India | INR 500 Cashback for full attendance

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What's a Vision Board?

A vision board is a collage of pictures, words, and quotes on a board that serves as a visual representation of our dreams and aspirations.

It is often used to help maintain clarity and focus on our professional and personal life goals. It represents whatever you want to be, do, or have in your life. You can create your vision board with posters/chart papers and cut-outs from magazines, OR you can create an online vision board using Canva or a Google Doc and search images from the internet to cut and paste onto your virtual vision board. 

Goals of the Group

• Reflect on your strengths and identify areas for improvement
• Identify your core values and understand what actions draw you closer to them
• A discussion around the importance of visioning and how to make a vision board
• Build more clarity and focus on your goals for 2024

Who is the group for?

This group is open to anyone looking to: 
• Reflect on 2023 to celebrate the highlights and acknowledge the setbacks 
• Setting intentions and creating a vision board for 2024

Session-wise themes

Session #1:

• Introduction
• Identifying our values (art activity)
• Guided Visualisation
• Make the first draft online

Session #2:

  • • Mindfulness exercise
    • Bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be (art activity)
    • Sounds of the future (using audio/music as an immersive experience)
    • Add to the online vision board

Session #3:

• Identify inspiration/role models
• Affirmations for self-belief
• Action planning
• Collect images (and sounds) to add to your vision board

Session #4:

• Identify your ‘why’
• Accountability setting
• Final Vision board

  • Biggest benefit has been listening and learning about what other people are thinking


  • I just had a very emotional discussion. It was probably one of the most helpful things for me in years.


  • I'd give it a 10 [out of 10]. I'm surprised at how vulnerable and open everyone was in the first session.


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Meet your Facilitator

Shatarupa C

Shatarupa C is a Counselling Psychologist and an Expressive Arts Based Therapist who's been practising in Bangalore for 6+ years. Her goal is to create a space where you feel the utmost amount of safety and comfort. She believes that human beings are able to explore, play and develop the most when they feel like they're being fully understood and accepted. To be witnessed without judgement is a wonderful thing. :)

She has completed her UG degree from Miranda House, Delhi University. PG degree from Ambedkar University, Delhi and her Expressive Arts Based Therapy license is from UNESCO-CID. Her approach brings together elements from 3 schools of Psychology - Psychodynamic, Expressive Arts and CBT. She also brings in Philosophical Counselling as an approach based on need and meaning.

In her personal life, she enjoys finding new music, playing board games and asking her friends tough philosophical questions.

Lets jam together for one last time this year!


What are SoulUp Groups?

At SoulUp, you'll meet people who get what you're going through and might be living some of the same realities. People looking for extraordinary conversations, just like you.

✔️ Small group, 6-8 people

✔️ Every meeting led by a world-class facilitator

✔️ Weekly 75-minute online video sessions

What happens in a group session?

While the format can vary as per topic, here’s a flow that most sessions follow

Check In. Participants check-in with each others' feelings and answer the prompt given by the facilitator if any.

Conversation. Your facilitator will guide the group in a free-flowing conversation—with the goal of sharing openly, talking honestly, and deep emotional connection.

Check Out. Participants share what they're taking away from the session.

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What am I going to get out of this?

You will end the group with creating your very own personalised Vision Board for 2024 - this might be a hard copy or an online version but will be something you use as a constant reminder of your goals for 2024!

How long has SoulUp been around?

SoulUp was founded in Feb 2022 by Punita Mittal and Mahak Maheshwari - a team of IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay with more than 20 years of combined healthcare experience. SoulUp is redefining mental health through groups that are effective, but also fun, social, and challenging.

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