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Take charge of your (relation)ship!

Take charge of your (relation)ship!

An accountability group to support and motivate you to work on daily activities which are designed to enhance your significant partner relationship.

Starts 1st June

Daily group check-ins

Confidential | Safe | Small Group

Weekly themes | Daily activities

Online | FREE for the introductory month of June

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Who is it for?

For anyone in a relationship, you spend a large part of your time with your partner, thus making it crucial to have a healthy fruitful relationship for overall well being. The intimate relationships we form help us feel connected not only to our partners but also to the world at large.
Healthy relationships are also known to facilitate achievement of personal goals.

There is nothing like a perfect relationship, each having its own struggles and areas that could use work. The relationship accountability group is for everyone who wants to as an individual commit to doing his/her best to work on a significant partner relationship.

How it works

Getting started

- Sign up through the form here.
- You will be added to an online group with all participants looking to work on their relationship.

Goals and challenges

- Once added to the group, we will share a 30 day calendar divided into 4 week wise broad themes.

- Each week will have daily tasks as per the week’s theme. We’ve also included free days where the participants can declare individual goals that they would like to achieve which will be very specific to their own relationship.

Ice breaking session and daily check-ins

- The group will kick start with an ice breaking session on the 1st day to build some degree of comfort and bonding amongst the participants where each participant can talk about the what and why of what they would like to achieve in their relationship
- A daily check in (via text) will be used to declare daily goals and share the progress made with previous tasks
- A weekly zoom session will be set up where participants can share their thoughts and experiences around the task and goals of the week gone by.

Track your progress

- The progress made through the group lies in the commitment to completing self declared and pre allotted daily tasks.
These tasks are small steps taken on a daily level to ensure a continued and mindful effort towards raising the bar for your own self and how you show up in your relationship.

- Participants can choose to administer a quiz for their partners at the end of the 30-day group to more clearly visualise the impact of their efforts through the month.

How will the group keep you on track?

- The group will help you stay on track with achieving daily and week wise goals.

- Accountability to others in the group will help with motivation to complete tasks in order to remain committed to the higher goal of taking proactive steps to improve your relationship.

- The participants will also each share things that they do well and with good outcomes in their own relationship in order to encourage others into doing the same (can be added as personal goals)

Why join this group?

Healthy relationships constitute a number of key elements - respect, trust, open communication, both shared and individual interests, understanding, shared values around finances, child raising and other important matters.

Most relationships, no matter how good, have areas that need work or could be improved upon and both individuals in the relationship carry equal responsibility and power to impact relationship dynamics, simply by doing their bit.

If you are someone who is conscious of this power you hold and want to commit to doing ‘more’ to enhance your relationship, this group can help you get there.