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If you are a group therapist or care about group work - get in touch! 
We are building a community to run groups like never before


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What kind of group work does SoulUp do?

Since different formats work for different topics and different people - we are quite agnostic to the format of the group! We work with the therapist/facilitator to understand what format is best suited for a specific theme and audience type.


How does running a group with SoulUp help?

  • ​We help recruiting participants to your group

  • We run the entire operations for your group sessions - registration, screening, reminders for sessions etc.

  • Best part, we take care of payments and pay for you sessions in advance.

  • Groups on SoulUp  see an average of ~60% uptake rate of 1-on-1 therapy with the facilitating therapist.


  • ​In order to ensure adequate uptake, we run typically groups that cost the client anywhere between INR 500 to INR 1000 per session.

  • SoulUp invests a lot in promoting the group and getting the right participants for it.

- For every participant that SoulUp recruits - we keep a 50% of the overall participant fee.

- For every participant that the facilitator themselves recruit to the group, they get to keep the entire fee amount.The overall fee per participant is decided keeping the above structure in view so that facilitators get adequately compensated for their time.

  • If any referral comes from another party/therapist to SoulUp, we offer 20% of the participant fee to them.

Would like to run groups with us as a Facilitator? Get in touch?

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