Simple Equation

This is a group workshop experience that helps you dismantle your relationship patterns and assess your readiness for finding a life-partner.


4 workshops | One every week


Charvi Didwania

Program Fee

INR 2000 per participant

INR 1500 for registered SoulUp Listeners


Simple-Equation is a structured group experience which allows participants to have objective conversations about relationships and related behaviours. The emphasis is on achieving emotional progress and building greater resilience


The group will help in decoding your readiness for long-term relationships and also benefit those who have been in long/short-term relationships in the past.


Simple-Equation is a mixed format group

  • Workshops with an experienced psychologist - These will cultivate a more informed understanding of emotions and behaviour as it relates to relationships. There are 4 workshops of 1 hour each.

  • Group conversations - The group approach brings together people facing similar questions and problems. Conversations in a group exposes members to honest narratives of others which in turn provides better perspective and possibly, everlasting connections :)

Sessions Facilitator

Charvi Didwania

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  • 5 yr. experience. M.A. Psychology, specialist in CBT and REBT

  • Her approach as a psychologist is direct and binding. She believes in positive regard to the human nature of people and incorporates this in her counselling process.

Session-wise themes

Dating Fatigue

  • Learn how the process of finding love is affecting your mental health.

  • Relieve anxiety and stress generated by the whole process.

  • Boost your emotional resilience by learning mindfulness and other coping techniques.



  • Increase awareness about the internal and external barriers in the process.

  • Gain insight of self-sabotaging patterns.

  • Unlearn and learn to make space for another person in your life.


Emotional Freedom

  • Set yourself free from past emotional baggages and take power in your hands again.

  • Transform roadblocks into opportunities to know yourself better and learning how others respond.

  • Provide yourself a sense of direction by creating new parameters by learning your VITALS.


Happily Ever After

  • Learn healthy relationship skills.

  • Rewrite your narrative and experience shift in perspective.

  • Q&A session with the therapist.