About us

SoulUp was created with the intention to encourage people to share their stories and talk about what they are going through. 

To talk out loud, honestly and uninhibited, about something that is on our mind, gives us perspective. It also helps us understand better what we need to do about how we are feeling. 

The most important thing we can do for ourselves is to keep ourselves emotionally fit. And sometimes it just begins with a frank conversation.

Mahak Maheshwari, Cofounder

IIT-Bombay grad. Prior consulting experience at Bain & Company and on-ground 0 to 1 experience of building and scaling ventures in D2C and healthcare. 

Have keen interest in scaling technology enabled businesses with global impact that fundamentally change human experiences.

Connect with me on mahak@soulup.in. Alternatively, ping me on LinkedIn. 

Punita Mittal, Cofounder

A biochemical engineer from IIT-Delhi, with 12+ years experience in the healthcare space, including emotional wellness. 

​Currently exploring possible routes that make people really prioritise their emotional health above everything else. I believe that human-enabled solutions are central to our emotional well-being with technology working primarily as a vehicle for access and efficiency.

 Connect with me on punita@soulup.in. Alternatively, ping me on LinkedIn.