Collection: Autoimmune disease

Conversations on living with autoimmune conditions.

aidKriya, a social venture that works to educate and support stakeholders in the ecosystem of RA and IBD, is offering 500 conversations for FREE. Please use the discount coupon AIDKRIYA100 to have a SoulUp conversation if you are living with autoimmune disease and want to connect with someone in the same boat. 

  • Learn from a Peer

    Talking to a 'Peer' who has already been in your shoes helps you learn from their experiences. Indulge in some 'emotional brainstorming'!.

  • Validate your feelings

    Talking to a Peer will prove to you that you aren't alone after all. It's a great opportunity to validate what you are going through. 

  • Find a safe space

    Since Peers don't know you socially - it's a great way to freely express what is running through your head. Plus it's all bound by our privacy protocol.

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