Outcomes Report | Jan 2023 - Dec 2023

Support Groups | Sample size n = 842

4 types of metrics are used in understanding outcomes and performance of Support Groups at SoulUp. These are measured from feedback collected from participants once the group is over via a written feedback form.

  1. Attendance
  2. Participant Satisfaction
  3. Goal Attainment/Outcomes
  4. Peer Support and Network Building:


     Group Attendance

    • How many users attended all vs. a specific % of the session?


    Participant Satisfaction

    • How did you like your facilitator?
    • Were you happy with the format?


    • Were you happy with number of sessions?


    • Were you happy with the size of the group?

     Goal Attainment/Outcomes
    • Did you achieve the goal you set out to achieve on the group?

     Peer Support and Network Building
    • How did you like your peers (other participants) in the group?



    • Would you be interested in a follow-up of this group?



Peer Conversations | Sample size n = 322

Feedback and outcomes of Peer calls is collected via a written feedback form filled by users once a Peer conversations is over.

  • How would you rate the conversation in terms of how useful it was?



  • Which of the following did the conversation help you achieve?


  • During the call - did you discover anything specific that you want to start doing (therapy, journaling, others)?


  • Would you like to have another SoulUp conversation ?


  • Did you have your SoulUp conversation over video?


We are constantly working to improve how we understand the impact of different peer-led products at SoulUp. For any inputs/questions on the above, feel free to reach out on connect@soulup.in.