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Why Join soulUp?


Inspire Others

Inspire others to overcome their challenges by sharing learnings from your own journey.


Helper effect

Talking to others about your journey strengthens your own spirit and creates positivity for you too.


Access benefits

Get a share of the value that the platform creates. Access free workshops and big discounts on SoulUp programs.

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Who can be a Peer?

Anyone with a firsthand experience of something that had been emotionally challenging for them can be a Peer. These experiences can be across mental illness, relationships, health issues, family, career and even critical life decisions.

What do I exactly need to do to be a Peer?

Becoming a Peer is a simple 3 step process - 1) Fill the form available through this page on the website 2) Once you fill the form, the SoulUp team will connect with you to have a 'curation' call 3) You attend a Peer training session to set up up for amazing Peer conversartions!

What is the time commitment like?

Peers choose to set aside as low as 1 slot a week to have conversations on SoulUp. However, only when a request is received for a conversation is when a Peer needs to spend the time.

Do I get paid to be a Peer?

Currently the platform shares 50% of the conversation fee with the respective Peers. However the ability to able to pay it forward and exchange ideas on mutually relevant challenges is what is most valuable for Peers.

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