Learn from the experience of others

Talk to 'Peers' - those who have firsthand experience of the same challenge as you.

Real Conversations. Amazing people

All connects are over video. All 'Peers' are verified by us and have had inspiring journeys.

Conversations are completely confidential

All conversations on SoulUp are completely protected by our privacy protocols.

  • Start a 1-on-1 Conversation

    Talk 1-on-1 to a 'Peer' - someone who has experienced the same challenge as you. 

    45 min | Online | Peer of your choice | Confidential

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  • Join a group Conversation

    Join a small group of 6-8 people in a similar life situation as you. 

    Led by an expert | Small group setting | Achieve goals, find support.

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Our approach is different.

SoulUp connects you to others who have gone through the same life challenge as you. This is super powerful. It's almost game-changing.

  • It gave me confidence about my thought process. I could relate to whatever was being spoken to me. She was very patient and gave me enough space to talk about the things that I wanted to talk about.

    Amin Q.


  • Anuja was super smart and empathetic. She gave very very relevant examples that helped me with more perspectives. Really helped to be able to connect with someone like that.

    Saurav D.


  • I felt as if I was talking to my alter ego. She totally related to my experiences and gave me some helpful tips. I would like to talk to her again.

    Pallavi S.


  • Best thing was connecting with a stranger - zero judgements and someone who is all ears to listen to you. This initiative can do wonders for a country like India where people don’t talk much about their issues. I loved the idea.



  • Very easy to use and approachable vibe. Conversation was very natural and honest. Felt lighter as if talked heart-to-heart with a friend, without any judgement.

    Anirudh K.


  • Feeling that I am not alone in this struggle - It was like connecting with someone in your 'tribe'.



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felt supported after a session


found a brand new perspective


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Why SoulUp?

We are a team devoted to fixing emotional health. As humans, the mistakes we make, the questions we struggle with, have been faced by people before us and will be by those after us.

This cycle had to be broken and we need to be able to build on each other's learnings.

A lot of our expertise comes from the firsthand experience of something. So we started SoulUp, as a way for all of us to effectively discover and connect with our 'Peers' who are in the same boat as us - and learn from each others' journeys.

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