"It has been priceless to just connect with someone in the same boat as me"

SoulUp conversations help with 'emotional' brainstorming' and support.

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Talking to someone who has direct experience of something builds a relatability like no other. It also results in the most fruitful conversations!

  • I felt a 'connect' with the Peer and that was the best and unexpected part of the conversation. The Peer understood where I was lacking and suggested me ways to improve.


    Dealt with self-image issues

  • It was nice talking to someone who was non judgemental and could immediately relate to my challenges.


    Discussed her trust issues

  • The call was way more satisfactory than I was hoping for. I saw the power of a good match for the first time (across any kind of help - including therapists ofc)!


    Talked about caregiving

  • I had my conversation with Shrinanda and she listened to me very patiently. The best part was that she didn't make me feel that we were talking for the first time. It was a blissful conversation. Kudos to Shrinanda and team SoulUp.


    Talked about heartbreak

  • I like the idea of SoulUp, the idea of recognizing that people are in need of people to connect with each other to not feel lonely. I loved how I could feel a connection with a random stranger.


    Spoke about bipolar disorder

  • The Peer who was recommended to me was a soulful person. Much like the name SoulUp. Thank you team.


    Spoke of depression

  • I could open my heart to her and felt relieved. She also made me feel understood by sharing her stories which were quite similar to mine. I got a new perspective and felt lighter after the call.


    Spoke about marital issues

  • Connecting with a random stranger who is all ears to you and has zero judgments felt like a blessing. She made me self-reflect and gave me courage to be strong.


    Talked about mental abuse

  • It was really nice to speak to someone who is going through the same challenges. I’m not very talkative, and Anjali did most of the heavy lifting. I was glad. Thank you for all your amazing work.


    Talked about living with cancer

  • It gave me confidence about my thought process. I could relate to whatever was being spoken to me. She was very patient and gave me enough space to talk about the things that I wanted to talk about.

    Amin Q

    Spoke of a toxic relationship

  • Anuja was super smart and empathetic. She gave very very relevant examples that helped me with more perspectives. Really helped to be able to connect with someone like that.


    Discussed issues at work

  • I felt as if I was talking to my alter ego. She totally related to my experiences and gave me some helpful tips. I would like to talk to her again.


    Talked about family dynamics

  • Best thing was connecting with a stranger - zero judgements and someone who is all ears to listen to you. This initiative can do wonders for a country like India where people don’t talk much about their issues. I loved the idea.


    Spoke about his anxiety

  • Very easy to use and approachable vibe. Conversation was very natural and honest. Felt lighter as if talked heart-to-heart with a friend, without any judgement.


    Spoke about marital problems

  • Got a feeling that I'm not alone in my struggle. It was like connecting with my own tribe. It is amazing that you could talk to someone, gain from their experiences so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel.


    Discussed a rare health condition

  • The whole process was professional. I got some tips to have a good conversation even before the call. I don't know if the Peers go through training but what I got was exactly what I signed up for: no judgement, lot of empathy and good advice.


    Spoke about a tough life decision

  • The conversation gave me a new perspective altogether and honestly something that I never expected or never thought I would need (the most).


    Spoke about infideliy

  • Suraj is such a patient Peer and helped me vent. He was very non-judgemental and actually made me feel so much lighter towards the end of the call.


    Discussed heartbreak

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