What kind of group work does SoulUp do?

Since different formats work for different topics and different people - we are quite agnostic to the format of the group! We work with the therapist/facilitator to understand what format is best suited for a specific theme and audience type.

How does running a group with SoulUp help?

​1. We help recruiting participants to your group

2. We run the entire operations for your group sessions - registration, screening, reminders for sessions etc.

3. Best part, we take care of payments and pay for you sessions in advance.

4. Groups on SoulUp  see an average of ~60% uptake rate of 1-on-1 therapy with the facilitating therapist.


​1. In order to ensure adequate uptake, we run typically groups that cost the client anywhere between INR 500 to INR 800 per session.

2. SoulUp invests a lot in promoting the group and getting the right participants for it. For every participant that SoulUp recruits - we reserve a percentage of the overall participant fee

Give your clients the Group advantage!

A great way to optimise outcomes for your clients can also be for them to participate in relevant groups. Groups can make their journey feel less lonely and also add a more fun, social side to it

SoulUp shares a referral bonus with therapists for anyone they refer to a group.

Please get in touch if you would like to run a SoulUp Group: