SoulUp Global Ambassadors

SoulUp is looking to collaborate with Peers from the network who reside overseas or have a base outside India. A lot of Indians living outside the country are looking for culture-positive support and our objective is to actively build that support for them. As a Peer who believes in the mission of SoulUp, you can participate in various ways to achieve this larger goal with us. 

Any Peer can join us as a SoulUp Peer Rep or as a SoulUp Peer Ambassador.

Responsibilities Peer Peer Rep

Peer Ambassador

Generating brand awareness through word-of-mouth marketing. Y Y
Creating awareness using specific channels like Whatsapp, FB groups, other active online/offline groups in their community. All collateral will be provided by SoulUp. Y Y
Promoting the brand via personal social media accounts. All collateral will be provided by SoulUp. Y Y
Participate in online events as needed. This will be a maximum of 2 per quarter. Y
Help organise online events specifically for your country or community. Y
Being an opinion leader in his/her community. Be available for contacting on the website Y Y
Helping as improve the Peer base for your country by recommending or shortlisting 25 new people per quarter. SoulUp will be curating and creating profiles thereafter. Y
Insights on global market | Attend overseas Peer catchups Y Y Y


 What's in it for you as a Peer Ambassador or Peer Rep!

  1. An opportunity to build your personal brand in a space you value. Your posts on social media and participating in live events will be a great way to add your personal voice and presence.
  2. Bragging rights - for laying the foundation of a Peer network in your country!
  3. Lots of learning!
  4. A great reason to network and build social capital in your community while adding a lot of value to their lives.
  5. All Peer Ambassadors will be given a badge on website which will be renewed every quarter if the Peer has been able to participate as an Ambassador and willing to continue as one.


Signing up as a Peer Ambassador or Rep

If this is something you are passionate about, please ping Punita on +91 8123243007 and we will add you to the relevant group where we can work together and also send you required materials on an on-going basis. 


Please note: 

While a lot of our Ambassadors have busy lives at home and work, we are willing to convert this to full time Community roles in the future if there is interest and scope in that specific market.