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I had chosen a typical corporate career path, an MBA, job in the US and a great salary. Only to realise later that this was making me unhappy and I needed to find what came authentically to me. I believe this is a very common problem, that mostly manifests itself in people in the form of imposter syndrome.

Identifying that career path took me on a lonely journey that lasted almost 2 years during which I experimented with a lot of pathways. When I finally found my ideal career, it changed everything in my life. Relationships in my personal life took a 180 degree turn for the positive.

I can talk about pathways to find careers that are authentic to your personality type. People who are struggling in their work environment because of their choice of industry, lack of progress, work colleagues will probably benefit from this.

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A fresh perspective.

Would be great if peer also share their experience in detail.

  • ✓ Peer Intelligence & Coping strategies

    Since your Peer has gone through something similar, you can exchange notes, learn from their experiences and find brand new perspectives about your common challenges.

  • ✓ Validation & support

    SoulUp Conversations allow you to recognize that there are others who have had the same challenges as you. Talking about common emotions is a great source of hope and strength.

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