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Ayush Chandra | Therapist

Ayush Chandra | Therapist

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English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Haryanvi

Psy. Ayush Chandra is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist (Gold Medalist), at Aarunya Mental Health Centre, West Delhi. He has completed his RCI Licensing in Clinical Psychology and His Masters in Psychology is from TISS Mumbai., after completing his bachelor in Psychology from Delhi University.
He has attained his experience at various esteemed institutions of mental health in India such as NIMHANS-Bangalore, IBHAS-Delhi.
​As a Clinical Psychologist his expertise includes a wide range of mental health conditions like Anxiety Disorders,Mood Disorders, Sexual dysfunctions, Mens Mental Health,OCD, Addiction, Family Counselling and other mental health issues.
Therapy approach: CBT, DBT, SFBT, Hypnotherapy

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