Student success starts with mental health!

SoulUp partners with colleges and schools to provide personalised mental health support to help students reach their full potential.

  • Peer Support

    Students can discover & talk to others who have firsthand experience of the same challenge as them i.e. Peers.

  • 100+ Support Groups

    Support groups are done topic wise and provide support and therapy in small groups. Each group is led by a Therapist!

  • Habit Groups

    Pick up a habit by joining a WhatsApp community with others like you & hold each other accountable for that habit.

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Join a Support Group

Therapist led | 4-7 participants per group | Weekly Zoom sessions | Groups can be 4-24 sessions long

Book a 1-on-1 Peer Call

'Peers' are those with a first hand experience of same challenge as you

Peers calls are on Video | Duration: 45 minutes | Completely Confidential

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  • Reading Ritual

    Committing to read a set number of pages daily. This habit enhances cognitive abilities, fosters imagination, and promotes relaxation.

    Effort Level: Medium-High | 30 day habit

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  • Morning Pages

    A daily practice of writing 3 pages of thoughts upon waking. This reflective practice provides clarity and mental decluttering, setting a positive tone for the day ahead.

    Effort Level: High | 30 day habit

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  • Tomorrow's Blueprint

    The habit entails drafting a to-do list before bed for the next day. This habit eases morning stress, boosts productivity, and helps prioritise tasks, setting a positive tone for the day.

    Effort Level: Low | 30 day habit

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  • Bedtime Screen Limit

    Prioritize relaxation by limiting screen time before bed. This habit promotes a calmer mind and a more restful night's sleep.

    Participants can select their own permissible screen time.

    Effort Level: Low | 30 day habit

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  • Daily Step Goal

    Working towards a daily step goal of 5k-10k steps improves cardiovascular health, increases energy levels, and contributes to overall well-being. Participants can set their own goal.

    Effort Level: Medium-High | 30 day habit

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  • Take the Stress Test

    This quiz helps evaluate their stress levels and identify potential sources of stress.

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  • Overthinking

    Discover if overthinking might be impacting your life with our quiz designed to gauge your thought patterns and tendencies.

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  • Strengths & Difficulties Quiz (SDQ)

    SDQ is a self-assessment tool used to assess the emotional and behavioural well-being for young adults.

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  • Test your Self-Esteem

    Based on the Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale, this is a popular tool used to assess an individual's overall self-esteem and self-worth.

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  • Emotional Regulation

    Take a test based on the DERS-16 scale (Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale) to measure how well you regulate your emotions.

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  • The sessions showed me with practical ways to manage academic stress. They definitely improved my confidence and I have a more positive mindset overall.

    Shashi Garg

    2nd year, B.Tech.

  • Stuff at home had really started to get to me and SoulUp helped me deal with my emotions while being able to make the most of campus life.

    Irina Das

    1st year, Integrated degree

  • The habit group on journaling everyday in the morning helped me connect with others and also pick up something I had been trying to do for so long. Yay!

    Tamanna S.

    Final yr, B.Tech.

  • I have spoken to 4 peers till now about different challenges and each time I have found the conversation very helpful. I have felt supported and heard.

    Anand Krishnan

    1st year, M.Tech.

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Why SoulUp

When it comes to mental health care, one size does not fit all. That’s why SoulUp's offerings are designed to fit student’s unique needs—with proven clinical and academic outcomes.

  • Proven outcomes

    Our peer-based offerings have proven to drive behavioral improvements, better grades, and higher attendance.

  • Affordable

    To ensure easy access, SoulUp offers support at student friendly prices - with offerings starting at INR 99. We also run student discounts frequently.

  • Flexible for individual needs

    We have specialized sub-offerings that are built for commonly occurring as well as unique emotional challenges that a student may face.

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Looking for 1-on-1 therapy support?

You can always book one or more sessions with one of SoulUp's empanelled therapists.


Why SoulUp?

SoulUp is a 360 degree solution for students, providing unique solutions to student mental health that are flexible and applicable across different types needs, are affordable and highly effective.

SoulUp solutions are also highly social in nature - allowing students to work with others on the same journey, thus making sure that no student feels alone in their struggles.

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