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Men Unfiltered!

Men Unfiltered!

A six-month journey of connection and growth, this men's support group fosters unfiltered conversations about topics like work, relationships, and personal aspirations.

Guided by a therapist, members explore various themes in a supportive environment, empowering each other to achieve their full potential

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Starts 20th June, 2024

24 sessions | Every Thursday at 8 PM IST | 75 minutes

Small group, 6-8 people

Group Type: Therapy Group

Unlimited Peer Calls Included

Led by Dr. Nikhil Saldanha

Program Fee - INR 15000 (India) | INR 25000 (Outside India) | Get 30% off if you buy for two

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Goals of the group

1. Foster open communication about emotions and mental health challenges.
2. Identify and deconstruct limiting beliefs related to masculinity and societal pressures.
3. Develop healthy coping mechanisms and emotional regulation skills.
4. Build social support and connection with other men.

Who is this group for?

This program is designed for Indian men to explore their mental health and challenge potentially limiting sociocultural perspectives and building new, empowering narratives.

What topics will be covered?

1. Introduction & Building Trust: Introductions, program overview, ground rules for confidentiality and respectful communication.

2. Exploring Sociocultural Pressures: Discuss societal expectations of Indian men (provider role, career success, emotional stoicism) and how these expectations, along with personality traits and social dynamics, contribute to self-limiting beliefs. Analyze personal experiences and societal pressures to understand their impact on mental health.

3. Detoxifying Masculinity: Redefine masculinity beyond traditional stereotypes. Explore concepts of emotional vulnerability, healthy relationships, and self-care.
Challenge rigid notions of masculinity and discuss alternative ways of "being a man."

4. Communication & Conflict Resolution: Develop skills for assertive communication, expressing needs and boundaries constructively. Practice assertiveness skills and explore communication styles within families and social circles. Discuss managing difficult conversations and conflict resolution in a healthy way.

5. Work-life Balance & Stress Management: Identify stress triggers related to work and expectations, developing coping mechanisms. Discuss the Indian work culture and its impact on mental health. Develop strategies for relaxation and stress management, including time management and setting boundaries.

6. Relationships & Intimacy: Explore healthy relationships with partners, friends, and family. Discuss gender roles within relationships, navigate cultural expectations regarding marriage and family, and healthy expressions of intimacy.

7. Addressing Shame & Stigma: Open discussion about mental health challenges, dispelling stigma related to seeking help. Explore societal stigma towards mental health in India and discuss available resources for ongoing support.

8. Wrap-up & Moving Forward: Review progress, share resources, plan for continued support outside the group. Develop action plans to incorporate learned skills into daily life and discuss strategies for staying connected for ongoing support.

  • Focusing on my health was always secondary to running my business until I joined this group. The discussions around physical health and lifestyle choices struck a chord with me. I've started to make small but significant changes in my routine, thanks to the motivation from the group.


    Prioritizing health

  • I was initially hesitant about joining a therapy group, but this experience has been incredibly rewarding. The sessions on mental health and relationships have given me insights into how I can better manage my emotions and communicate with my family.


    Dealing with emotions

  • Being part of this group has been a revelation for me. Discussing work-life balance openly has helped me see where I can improve in managing my time between office and home. The practical advice and shared experiences from other group members have made me feel understood and less alone in my struggles.


    Juggling work and personal life

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Meet your Facilitator

Dr. Nikhil Saldanha

Dr. Nikhil Saldanha is a General Practitioner (GP) and Health Psychologist who has been working outside the hospital environment for the past 5-6 years. He is passionate about ensuring that people can access healthcare from their homes and develop their physical and mental well-being and resilience. To this end, he has worked in product development with non-profits like Swasti Health Catalyst and startups like HealthifyMe. Additionally, he has explored feminism through his involvement with the non-profit Enfold and believes that men are fundamentally challenged in their identities by the modern world—biophysically, mentally, and socially. In this group, he aims to create a space where men can speak without fear of stigma and understand how they can better adjust to the world we now live in.


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