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Cancer Peer Program

Cancer Peer Program

Connect with others who understand what it's like to get diagnosed with cancer and then finally power through it. This unique 6 month Peer Program will help you find support, practical coping strategies as well as the strength you need when you are living with a cancer diagnosis.

You can select from a diverse range of trained and verified Peers, all of whom have firsthand experience of fighting cancer. 

Connect with 'Peers' who have overcome cancer.

6 months | 6 Peer calls

Calls over video | 45 mins per call

Peers trained & verified by SoulUp

Completely confidential

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  • Coping with a diagnosis

    Coping strategies for managing fear, anxiety, and uncertainty associated with a cancer diagnosis.

  • Impact on Relationships

    Dealing with the impact of cancer on relationships with family, friends, and loved ones.

  • Impact on Self-Esteem

    ddressing concerns about body image, self-esteem, and changes in physical appearance due to cancer treatment.

  • Side-effects of treatment

    Discussing the challenges of treatment, such as side effects, fatigue, and lifestyle adjustments.

  • Decision making

    Navigating difficult decisions about treatment options, including weighing risks and benefits.

  • Struggles of daily life

    Exploring struggles and frustrations of daily life; any negative emotions like anger around the limitations on things you can/cannot do.

  • Being a Parent with Cancer

    What kind of support systems have helped, how the child was given to understand the condition and how the diagnosis has shaped your parenting

  • Having cancer while young

    Dealing with a difficult diagnosis at a very young age - the anxieties, impact on career, relationships and overall outlook.

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What you get as part of the program:

#1. One amazing Peer call every month

Speak to a Peer of your choice from SoulUp's collection of Peers who have overcome cancer

We have Peers who got diagnosed with cancer very early in their life, those who are 2 or 3 time cancer warriors & peers who are living full lives after beating cancer :)

#2. Access to free events

Access free therapist-led events specially designed for those living with a medical condition. New events announced every month!

  • Step #1.

    Get a code to access Peer conversations.

    Please note that the code can only be used to book calls with Peers who have firsthand experience of fighting cancer or being caregivers for it.

  • Step #2.

    Use the code to book one Peer call every month with a Peer of your choice.

    Select from our collection of Peers who have fought cancer. You can book with the same Peer or a different one!

  • Step #3.

    Receive alerts on WhatsApp to register for FREE for our monthly events which are led by therapists and designed specially for those living with a medical condition.

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