SoulUp for Workplaces

 A unique 360° workplace solution that provides relevant and intuitive solutions to the emotional health needs of your team.

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corporate plans for employee mental health

Employees aren’t able to always talk about issues they are dealing with at or outside work.

employee mental health is critical

Not being able to talk about one's struggles increases sense of isolation - hurting creativity and overall enthusiasm.

corporate plans for employee mental health

Spaces which allow open dialogue and connection help with solving challenges as well as establish a sense of belonging

SoulUp provides India's only peer-led solutions for employee mental health.

What your team gets

SoulUp enables relevant, invigorating conversations in a social setting. Lets learn from each other and grow.

Goal/topic specific groups

Expert-led | Pre-defined number of sessions | 100+ topics available

Ongoing social spaces

Long running group therapy | Group handpicked for each employee | Expert-led

Share & learn from each other

Discover Peer with a similar journey | Connect 1-on-1 | Online video conversations

Complete confidentiality

All goups and 1-on-1 conversations are protected by our privacy protocol.

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