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Shatarupa C | Therapist

Shatarupa C | Therapist

Shatarupa C is an Arts Based psychotherapist and a philosophical Counselor. She's been practicing for over 6 years in Bangalore. Previously worked with Teach for India, Fortis Hospital and Snehadhara Foundation. Therapy with her includes Art and Philosophy to explore the depths of one's psyche and lived experience. Her goal is to create a space where you feel the utmost amount of safety and comfort. She believes that human beings are able to explore, play and develop the most when they feel like they're being fully understood and accepted.
To be witnessed without judgement is a wonderful thing. :)

Areas of expertise : Stress, relationship and mood

Qualification: M.A Psychology, UNESCO-CID certification on Expressive Arts Based Therapy.

Languages; Hindi, English, Bengali, Assamese

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