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Sharing Circles

Sharing Circles

SoulUp's Sharing Circles are spaces for open dialogue, where participants come together to share experiences, thoughts, emotions and perspectives. 

A great way to get exposed to the power of Peer Support and experience how Support Groups work.

Expert-led | Free | Online on zoom

Experience how Peer support works

Led by a therapist

Join a group of others who are also starting on the same Habit. Keep each other accountable and motivated to keep going!

Limited seats available

We've made it super easy! Select a Habit and we add you to a WhatsApp group of others on the same journey as you.

Everything is Confidential

All details discussed during SoulUp conversations are held private & bound by a mutual confidetiality clause.

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Upcoming Circles

Led by Experts | Small Participant Group | FREE for registration

From RelationSHIT to RelationSHIPs

Let's talk everything relationships - do's and don't of communicating, different kinds of intimacy, resolving conflict and needless complexity - just the ups and the downs of it all and what it takes to make some relationships work well.

Expert-led | Free | Small Group

Date: Jan 24th | 8 - 9:15pm IST

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Women Unfiltered

An hour of unfiltered, genuine conversations that could go from personal growth, to relationships, career or family to personal desires and dreams.

Lots of support, & perspective. All of it - woman to woman.

Expert-led | Free | Small Group

Date: Jan 31st | 8 - 9:15pm IST

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Real + Honest Guys

In our men-only sharing circle, join a space of genuine camaraderie where self-awareness and honesty take center stage. Discuss topics from men's mental health and personal growth to relationships & family.

Expert-led | Free | Small Group

Date: Feb 7th | 8 - 9:15pm IST

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Life after X

A space to discuss life after a major events - be it a loss, a new city, a job switch, a heartbreak - anything!

Let's get together to discuss how this X event changed us, what we learnt and how we are dealing with life in the wake of this change.

Expert-led | Free | Small Group

Date: Feb 14th | 8 - 9:15pm IST

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Upcoming SoulUp Support Groups

Online | Small cohorts | Therapist-led | 4-6 sessions each

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Peers available for 1-on-1 Conversations

Based on shared challenges | 1-on-1 | Video Calls | 45 mins

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