The only “ADHD hack” that’s actually helped me

The only “ADHD hack” that’s actually helped me

If someone is in a wheelchair, and they encounters stairs, they aren’t just gonna try their best to get down the stairs, they’re going to use the ramp or elevator. why should we keep trying to do things that other people do, when we are not like other people?(without ADHD)

I have a mental illness, or learning disability, or disorder, whatever you wanna call it, and I am not able to do everything as easily as other people can. So why should I be trying to do exactly the same stuff? I can’t!

okay I can set a reminder for myself to vacuum the house later but the problem isn’t always that I forget, the problem is the vacuuming. I can set so much time aside to do the dishes but the problem isn’t the time, it’s doing the dishes. so why do we still try to do everything that other people do when we have a diagnosed issue? Well, stop!

if you struggle with bringing the vacuum all the way from the closet to the living room to vacuum, stop! Keep the vacuum in the living room, better yet, keep it plugged in if you’re able

if you struggle with doing dishes, absolutely nothing is stopping you from just using paper plates

if you struggle with bringing trash to the kitchen, just keep a giant trash can in every room

if you struggle with putting clothes away after washing them, just don’t fucking put them away!! fold them straight out of the dryer and just keep all your clothes in baskets

if you physically cannot focus on homework while you’re at home, instead of trying to force yourself to focus, just go to a coffee shop or library if you can. even sitting in a different room can help

if the crusty toothpaste bottle grosses you out and that deters you from brushing, look up how to make little single use toothpaste pellets

if you struggle with bringing a charger everywhere and your phone is always dead, just put chargers everywhere! I have one in my bedroom, car, living room, and bathroom

If you struggle with cooking or preparing food, just get pre prepared food! it took me a long time and a lot of rotten fruit before I finally started buying precut fruit and guess what? haven’t wasted any since. it feels like it’s more expensive but just think about all the food you’ve wasted because it wasn’t prepared and you couldn’t bring yourself to cook it

if you have the luxury of being able to afford a housekeeper, or a roomba, or a weekly meal-kit service use them!! I know it makes you feel guilty but that’s what those services are for!!! they’re there so you can use them! never feel guilty about taking advantage of a system that’s designed to help you! (easier said than done I know)

do you get it?

stop feeling bad about having to be different to cater to your disorder. YOU HAVE A DISORDER! YOU’RE ALLOWED TO BREAK “RULES.” if you had a physical disorder would you feel bad? hmm? if you were in a wheelchair would you feel bad every time you used the elevator? just because our disorder is not as apparent doesn’t mean you have to struggle in silence. these tips aren’t going to fix everything, but they will definitely make your life a little easier

- Crystal Karvonen

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