Things I have heard from people that I wish people said to ADHD people more often

Things I have heard from people that I wish people said to ADHD people more often

This is just a little thing I thought I’d put together, because I have this one friend that knows exactly what to say to me when my ADHD becomes super obvious.

• if I’m zoning out while they’re talking and they notice: “hey, are you zoning out? That’s ok. What’s the last thing you remember, and I can fill you in from there.”

• if I’m having issues with an assignment and getting super overwhelmed: “hey, why don’t we take a minute to regroup, and then tell me where you’re having problems?”

• when I’m dealing with sensory overload while we’re out with other friends: “do you want me to make an excuse for you so you can take a few minutes outside?”

• when I’m having problems forming words because my thoughts are moving too quickly and getting jumbled: “ok, slow down, take a second, think about the words you want to say. I’m not in a rush.”

• when I haven’t texted them for a few days because I got distracted and forgot they existed: “hey! How have you been? I’d love to catch up when you have some free time :)”

• when my tics are acting up (my meds make them worse, so they get super obvious when I’m stressed out): “do you need me to distract you for a little bit?”

• when I’m hyper fixated on something and want to talk about it: “tell me all about it!”

These are just some of the things that they have said to me, and honestly it’s super super awesome to see someone who knows the things to say to me when I need it.

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