Dealing with poor emotional health?

Work towards a solution by joining any of our support groups, talking to a relevant Peer or even signing up for therapy.

Groups on Emotional Health

Expert led | 4-7 participants per group | 4 or 6 sessions long

1-on-1 Conversations on Emotional Health

Video calls with 'Peers' who have first hand experience of different emotional health challenges

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  • Overthinking

    Discover if overthinking might be impacting your life with our quiz designed to gauge your thought patterns and tendencies.

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  • Depression

    Assess your depression level using the PHQ-9 scale—a reliable tool offering insights into your mental health and well-being

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  • Anxiety

    Measure your anxiety levels accurately using the GAD scale—a trusted assessment tool providing insights into your current emotional state

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  • Trauma

    Discover potential signs of trauma with our quiz designed to assess and understand your emotional experiences.

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  • Emotional Regulation

    Take a test based on the DERS-16 scale (Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale) to measure how well you regulate your emotions.

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  • Partner has depression

    Take this short quiz to see if your partner is experiencing symptoms common among people with depression.

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Looking for 1-on-1 therapy support?

You can always book one or more sessions with one of SoulUp's empanelled therapists.