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Suchetana Sengupta

Suchetana Sengupta

Therapy with me entails exploration of the self within the safety of the therapeutic relationship, and working towards a better future.

Therapy with me is intersectional and social justice-oriented. I am cognizant of how belonging to marginalised communities can impact one's mental health. I specialise in the mental health of disabled people. I have conducted workshops on Disability Affirmative Therapy for 25+ mental health professionals.

I have gained immense experience in suicide prevention as a full time crisis counsellor. I also have experience in working with NGOs that cater to children and elderly people from lower socio-economic stratas.

My techniques are drawn from relational and psychodynamic therapy. Additionally, I am trained in CBT and QPR and Gatekeeping.

Areas of expertise: Complex Trauma, Anxiety and Stress, Depression and Suicidal Ideation
Therapy approach: Relational and Psychodynamic, Queer and Disability Affirmative
Languages: English, Bengali, Hindi

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