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The 2 Week Wait

A Group series on Fertility for those on
the journey of trying for a baby 


5 sessions | One every Saturday

Starts 23rd July, 2022


Veena Hari 

Program Fee

INR 2500 per participant

INR 2200 for registered SoulUp Peers

Who is this group for?

  • This group is for anyone trying for a baby.

    • You might be have been trying for a few months or longer

    • You have a diagnosis that might interfere with your fertility

    • Is in the process of opting for one of the ARTs (IUI, IVF)

  • To keep the group homogenous, we are running it only for women participants right now. ​

What happens as part of this group?

Group sessions facilitated by an experienced counsellor.​

  • There are 5 sessions of 1hour + 15 min each, facilitated by a therapist. 

  • The program allows you to connect with others who are also trying to conceive. 

  • The group experience is a judgement-free and completely confidential space. It is an opportunity for emotional sharing and to engage in interpersonal learning.

  • The sessions take place in a small group of ~5 participants. The group is formed and remains constant throughout the program

  • Each session is a therapist led discussion - view it more emotional brainstorming in a group around the themes relevant to that session.

  • Session-wise details:

Session 1: Individual Exploration

  • Exploring personal narratives and journeys around fertility 

  • Reflecting on past experiences and beliefs about fertility and being a parent.

  • Building context about societal and cultural narratives about fertility

  • Identifying related past trauma if any (e.g., pregnancy loss)

Session 2: Connection to your body

  • Exploring deeper feelings and themes around the relationship with the body

  • Using art exercises to build a deeper bodily awareness 

  • Reflecting on the language we use when talking to our body (self-talk)

Session 3: Family and society

  • Understanding social context: Gender stereotypes, cultural beliefs

  • Navigating familial relationships 

  • Dealing with social comparison, pressure and unsolicited advice

Session 4: Romantic Partnership

  • Sharing the challenges and experiences of romantic partnerships through the lens of fertility journey

  • Common themes in conflicts

  • Financial pressures

  • Healthy communication patterns

Session 5: Coping

  • Sharing techniques for coping in this journey

  • Identifying tradeoffs and reassessing - eg: not putting life on hold during the journey

  • Balancing other roles while being on this journey

  • Identifying further resources and individual action plan: Eg: Alternatives to TTC- Adoption, ART etc

Sessions Facilitator

Veena Hari

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Veena Hari is a Mental Health Practitioner with around 10 years of experience across the mental health and development sector. She is  the founder of Bhavati Foundation, a not for profit organization working on reproductive mental health in India and host of the Mothering podcast. She describes herself as a passionate feminist and is a mother to a three and a half year old.

The 2 Week Wait - A Group Series on Fertility